Veronika's Autobiography

The "autobiography" which is presented below was published on Veronika's last website and presents the story of her life and career. A slightly different version which appeared on one of her earlier websites plus several accounts from photographers that had the pleasure to work with her during her modeling career are presented here in the this "Alternate Biography".

"I was born in a small city in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic on the 14th of April, 1975. My childhood in the Czech Republic was a lot different than it would have been either in another time (for instance now, after the fall of Communism) or another place (like in the West). Although it was different, it was still wonderful, as all childhoods should be. My parents were great and I had a lot of good friends. At an early age I became very interested in biology and the visual arts. I dreamed then of becoming a biologist. In 1989, I entered my first year of gymnasium (or high school, as Americans call it). This happened to be the year that everything changed for everyone, not only in the Czech Republic, but in all of what used to be the Eastern Bloc. The first years of the new system were particularly difficult years for just about everyone. It was during this time that many beautiful Czech girls left for the West, looking for opportunities to make more money than they had a chance to earn in the Czech Republic. I was, of course, too young to leave, so I stayed and finished gymnasium."

"After gymnasium, I spent three years at a photography school. To make for money for school (which was expensive) and living expenses, I did a whole bunch of different things: I was a bartender, a saleswoman for such things as wallpaper and photographic equipment, and I started my own photo studio. The studio was just beginning to be successful when someone stole all of the very expensive equipment, some of which I had not even paid for yet. At this point I was forced to return to working for other people (I much prefer working for myself). I bought a large make-up kit and began working as an assistant to photographers and make-up artists. It was very difficult work and did not always pay that well, but I enjoyed myself and learned a lot that is useful to this day. One time, I had a big job scheduled for the next day and was preparing for it when I realized that someone had stolen my entire make-up kit! I went to the photographer in tears of frustration to tell him that I could not do the work. He suggested that I work the event as a model instead. Thus began the wonderful modeling career of Veronika Zemanová!

"I was very surprised to find that after that first modeling job (which I hadn't believed I was pretty enough for) I was being offered all kinds of other modeling jobs all over the world. Initially all I wanted to do was to make enough money to pay off all of the equipment that had been stolen, but soon I had made enough not only to pay that back, but had enough to start an entirely new and better studio. I was working at the studio as a photographer, agent, and make-up artist while also doing modeling work for others. Soon however, the modeling became too time consuming for me to put in the necessary hours at the studio, and so I sold it. These first years of international modeling were not easy! Remember, at first I did not speak any English at all! Being in new countries alone, finding myself in strange and even risky situations, and so forth. However, I don't want to sound as though it was only bad or difficult; I was able to travel extensively, it was exciting work, I learned English (finally!), and made many beautiful photos of which I am still proud. And good money!"

"After I had been modeling for a while, I decided to start a web-site with an Italian photographer. The idea to do this came about after seeing so many photos of myself on the web. Eventually however, I decided to disassociate myself from the site, and am no longer connected to it in any way."

"I then opened my own site that allowed me to bring it all of the skills and experience I had collected along the way. I believe this was the best site of its kind and that I really enjoyed the chance not only to model, but photograph, act as an agent, and even do make-up!"

"I always wanted keep my private life totally unknown to the public. That is what all the glamour models do. But I have decided to break the rule to reveal that I was married on November 12, 2003, in a ceremony performed on the beach of the island of Mauritius. I have also decided to quit my glamour-modeling career. I had a choice between a career or a good relationship. I have chosen to make the man I love feeling happy and comfortable with me. Do you think this is risky? But that's what love is about. You need to take risks. Please do not be sad about it and wish me luck."

Here's some post marriage / retirement commentary based on other published sources:

Veronika (now Veronika Schnetzlerová) stated that after her marriage she quit her glamour-modeling career. Well that was not entirely true, as she did continue to model and work periodically with a select number of photographers; posting new photos on her official website until it closed in Aug. 2009. Although it has to be said that most of the "post marriage" sets which were released on her website turns out were actually shot by her husband. Her very last photo shoot was with ScottyJX of Actiongirls in Sept. 2009 which then truly did mark the end of her modeling career.

Since then, the only news which has been reported is that she still lives primarily on the island of Ibiza and has become a mother of twin girls.

We wish her all the best for the rest of her life.