Vital Statistics

The Ever Changing Veronika

In this "Extras" section, we will present a pictorial of how her body figure changed over the years along with the vital statistics which were published at the time including her measurements, bust size and weight.

One thing is for certain ... the Veronika that started her modelling career looked nothing like the Veronika that ended her career. In one way this is the reason that Veronika's career was so successful. She had a certain chameleon quality about her looks. Very few of Veronika's photoshoots ever looked alike which continually gave that "fresh" appearance to her photos. In part this was her own doing but unfortunately some of this was as result of external criticisms she was receiving by those around her. She certainly took care of her body through a rigorous exercise program, but in the end it was this "crazy training regime" as Veronika herself admitted which caused her body to revolt which in the end forced her to get the breast implants to allow her to continue to make a living modelling. In terms of her "vital statistics" therefore, the only things that were constant were her height and shoe size. Everything else was in constant flux.

Veronika's body stayed relatively constant from 1995 to early 2000 as can be seen in the following pictorial spanning those years:

Then around the start of 2000, her body started to change significantly in a very short period of time. It was at this time that she started exercising more and you could certainly see the results as her body became very very toned (not excessively muscular, just very fit). Unfortunately the changes came too fast that Veronika's health was affected. Below find her account of the issues:

"So, I was exercising far too hard because I wanted to change the way I looked completely. I was in the gym every day for a few hours with a crazy trainer who was one of those guys who wanted me to change my appearance. He fed me all kinds of pills to make that change quicker. After a while, under this terrible strain my body revolted, and I was very sick for a few months. Then, to compound that misery, my heart was broken when I ended a mistaken relationship with one man. I stopped eating. I became dangerously underweight and along with the rest of my body, lost weight in my breasts completely. As a model I did not want to show myself anymore in such a state, but I needed to earn a living. It was then that I decided to try implants."


This was reflected in significant changes in her "vital statistics" published online. Specifically the loss of 7 cm (3") in bust size was evident in the photos. Although to be perfectly honest, she still looked killer!!!

In late 2000, Veronika got her first of 2 breast implant surgeries. The surgery returned her bust back to its original size when she was younger but significantly increased her cup size. The picture on the right from 2001 was shot shortly after the surgery when she resumed modelling. You can see that she is still incredibly toned and fit and had not fully recovered from the excessive exercise and dietary pills. It would not take long however before she regained much of her shapely body features. Here were the updated statistics after her first breast augmentation:

Her vital statistics remained unchanged for the next 3 years as can be seen in the pictorial below:

Then surprisingly in early 2004, Veronika had her second breast augmentation surgery (see picture from 2004 below) to have a significantly larger cup size than what she had. Seeing that her modelling career was already winding down at that point since she was married shortly before, we can only assume that Veronika got the surgery for herself or her husband wanted her to get it. Here are the updated statistics after her second breast augmentation:

Again, her vital statistics remained unchanged for the next 5 years as can be seen in the pictorial below. It is obvious from her latter photos that she certainly continued to take care of herself and her body; still exercising just the correct amount to maintain her perfect body tone and shape.

After her official retirement in late 2009, it appears that Veronika had her implants removed (based on the photo below) and she returns to her natural self. We suspect she did this as she became a mother of twin girls not shortly after her last photo shoot!!!!

At this point, we have no idea what her updated vital statistics are but her height and shoe size are likely still the same 😄