Second Website (2001-2003)

This website was Veronika's home from Nov. 2001 to Apr. 2003.

While Veronika was the prime model for the site, it did also feature several other Czech models. After Apr. 2003, Veronika went on to start her own third website at "" and while "" continued to exist for a few more years, they did remove Veronika's name from the main spotlight.

All the content released on that site featured the "butterfly" logo in the corner of the photos. A total of 143 of Veronika's sets were published on the website. A sampling of the pics appear below:

The site also featured 26 Online Chats with Veronika from the period of Nov. 2001 thorugh Jan. 2003. Pictures and the chat transcripts can be found HERE.

Find below a collection of screenshots from the original website, highlighting some of Veronika specific features:

The last original content which would be published on "" was this ad asking folks to join Veronika's new site at