Set 237

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Set # 237 - "B&W Sexy Legs"

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1993-1995 / Unknown


Czech Beauty

Set features

B&W, totally nude, garden bench and chair


What appears to be a very early nude set taken of Veronika in a garden. This set contains one of my Top 10 photos of Veronika ... absolutely breathtaking :-)

Like many of these early sets I am not 100% certain of exactly when this set was taken since most of the accounts of Veronika's early life adventures are centred around her lost camera equipment, where we were told that happened in 1997, yet the photos like we see in these early sets clearly must have been taken in the years prior to 1997 otherwise the timeline of the known confirmed photo shoots with the photographers does not align. Hopefully the mystery will be solved one day. My suspicion is that Veronika posed nude before her camera equipment was stolen if we are to believe the 1997 date for that event.

The photographer for this set is still unknown. If anyone happens to know who took these photos then .

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 237
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