Set 341

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Set # 341 - "Decadence"

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1993-1995 / Unknown


Levné Knihy Exclusive Erotic Photo CD

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black robe, red white glass, leather whip, black leather couch, knee high black leather boots, bracelet, scarlet red lipstick, behind the scenes


This was amongst some of Veronika's first nude posts. She specifically discussed about it on her website. Here's what she had to say:

My dear fans,

Decadence - These shots had been taken a long time before I became a model.

This is how it happened:

I was working as a saleswoman in a store selling wallpapers. It was a very boring job and very badly paid but it was the only job I could find at that time in Prague.

I took that job to make some money while trying to develop my career by studying photography. I had been earning some money as a photographer until all of my photo equipment was stolen.

One day a guy came to the wallpaper store, introducing himself as a publisher of a soft erotic magazine and photographer.

He made me an offer where I was supposed to work in his office and also as an assistant of photography and makeup artist. I took up the offer but soon reality set in. The magazine survived only for two issues and went bankrupt. He knew all along there was not really any work for me – he hired me to feel like a boss that is seducing his secretary. He hired me basically for sex.

BUT his ideas did not work out the way he planned it. I never gave him a chance. Because he did not really have much money left for photo productions, there was only occasional work for me with the models as a makeup artist. Because there was not much work for me and because he could not use me for his personal pleasure (by the way he was a married man), I ended up with cleaning windows in his apartment, shopping for food, cleaning the office and stuff like that.

Ok he could not have me – that was clear BUT maybe he could at least see me naked…..?!

He was successful in that! He asked me time and time again and pushed me again and again to pose for him until I agreed. HOWEVER, I said I would only do it under one condition and that was that he would not sell it and would not even show it to anybody. He said in that case he could not pay me and said that I must do it for nothing because of my condition; that I do not want anybody ever to see it. He promised me what I asked for.

A few years later when I became a famous glamour model, he put all the photographs on a CD and distributed it all over the country in CD and bookstores. Of course he did not offer me any financial participation, he did not even bother to inform me about it. That was the first of many, many other breeched promises and exploitation I had to deal with in my whole modeling career. All men who had been around me wanted at least two things from me - sex, money or both.

Kisses Veronika

The photographer for this set is still unknown. If anyone happens to know who took these photos then .

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 341
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