Set 366

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Set # 366 - "Paris Days"

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Year / Photographer

2004 / Francis Schnetzler


Veronika Zemanova

Set features

bathroom, white lace lingerie, dog, Lara


This was the very first set with Veronika showing off her shiny brand new second set of breast implants. Hard to argue that she looked fantastic in this set.

I guess Veronika liked how she looked so much that she even created a collage including this set to hang in her house !!!

This was one of several sets which were officially released in B&W (for artistic reasons I can only imagine). I always wondered what these pictures would have looked like had they been released in colour instead. Well thanks to some incredible work by Javier we need not imagine any longer for this set:

All I can say is thanks for the fantastic work.

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 366
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