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Set # 399 - "Blog Entry Apr 14, 2009"

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Mar 27, 2009 / Francis Schnetzler


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blue jeans, jean and paisley top, white see-through blouse


Another what I call a "real Veronika" set ... some behind the scenes real life pics, this time shot by Francis in their Cape Town Enigma mansion.

Here was the blog entry text accompanying this set:

Hello Friends

Here I am again with my blog! See - I’m getting better at it! As I wrote in one of my previous blogs, my husband and I are together designing and building a house in Cape Town that required us to leave our Spanish home and come down here to South Africa for three months. We took three of our dogs with us. You cannot imagine how extremely difficult and expensive it is to travel intercontinental with animals. Anyway, no matter how hard we tried to make sure one hundred percent that every preparation was correct, there was a problem found in the documents and they had to spend three nights and days in quarantine. It was a heart breaking experience for me not to be able to see them after their arrival, you know that they had to go cargo; they could not go with us. The quarantine place looks like a prison and they could not even stay together. Now we have them right here and we try to spoil them after their traumatizing experiences. It is two weeks now and they are still pretty traumatized by that horrible experience; they have no appetite and their stomachs are upset - I guess that is from the stress of the journey.

I want to tell you that Cape Town is an absolutely amazing city that offers everything: stunning beaches right in the city, huge mountains, excellent food and fantastic night life and lots of cute fashion stores. The people are very friendly and they mean it and I could go on and on! Everything is really great and you spend almost nothing in comparison to Europe.

You may well be asking, how are my days spent here? Well, so far I am definitely not bored, I take care of our dogs, and we have no garden so I have to take them out for walks often. I found a beautiful place for horse riding which lets me improve my skills for the horse that I had to leave at home. I probably do not need to tell you that the website maintenance takes a little time out each day and you also probably can imagine that there is a lot to do if it comes to house construction. Still, I try to find some time for my friends here and for simply enjoying the place. It all has a down side; I miss home a lot sometimes, especially those animals that we could not take with us, thank god that we have wonderful people that are taking care of them while we are not there.

Here are few pictures that my husband took of me on the balcony of the house that we are renting here in Cape Town. It took us just about five minutes to make these pictures, just before we went for dinner with our friends. It is the real me - no professional lighting and zero retouching, so do not judge me too much, hey - I will be thirty-four soon! :-((((

I want to tell you more; I bought a new professional camera. I want to create more live pictures of me, but I have to study the camera manual first, and teach it to my husband, you would not believe how difficult these cameras are these days, the manual has four hundred pages, but it does have some amazing functions.

Big kisses and see you soon my friends,

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 399
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