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Set # 400 - "Blog Entry May 18, 2009"

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May 3, 2009 / Francis Schnetzler


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beach, dogs (Lara, Lenka & Muffin), jeans, t-shirt


Shot on the beach in Cape Town, near Veronika's house.

These are the kind of pics I wish that Veronika would have released more of in her career. We did not always need to have glitzy glamourous nude sets ... seeing a glimpse of the behind the scenes "real life" Veronika is more than perfect. Here's the text accompanying the blog entry for these photos:

Remember that I wrote in one of my latest blogs about my new camera? With it I did some test pictures on my Sunday time-out with my husband and dogs Lara, Lenka and Muffin. For the ones that did not read all my blogs I am spending some time in Cape Town, South Africa. The photos that I want to share with you, I took in the countryside around Cape Town and many are taken on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Long Beach – that is near to the village called Noordhoek, close to Cape Town. I tried to capture the feeling of freedom, space and peace, and with people, dogs and children all running freely in the harmony. Everyone there enjoyed themselves. Where in the world can you still see that?

There are two pictures of me, which my husband took just from far away so my figure is very small there, I was not wearing any make-up so I did not allow him to take anymore nearer to me – sorry!

The weather here starts to be going into winter and I finished all I wanted to achieve here so I am thinking about going back to Ibiza in Spain.


Love the comment about the lack of make-up ... what is Veronika worried about, she still looks absolutely freakin gorgeous!!!!

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 400
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