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Set # 443

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2002 / Unknown


Unity Calendars : The Dirty Dozen Gang 2004

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swimming pool, slicked back hair, totally nude


I just recently came across this set for the first time published in a 2004 calendar entitled Dirty Dozen Gang by Unity Calendars. I was confounded by the fact that this set had never been appeared in print or on-line anywhere else other than this obscure calendar. Clues from her hair style and finger nails put this photo shoot as having taken place in Sept. 2002. I have contacted several of the photographers who worked with Veronika around that time frame and none have said that they shot these photos. So we certainly have a mystery on our hands which I am looking for some help to get solved.

If anyone has any information about the photographer of this set or knows of ANY OTHER photos then .

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 443
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